Not getting callbacks? You aren’t alone. Un(der)employment for Millennials of Color


Source: Latino Millennials at Work.

It’s been months since I’ve found stable employment after graduating from college last year. And now I have this interview that relates to my major and coincides with my beliefs, and I have background experience in this work. If anything, they wrote this job description about my life. Excitedly, I prepare an argumentative strategy and follow-up questions in anticipation of the interview.

After I finish my interview with the hiring manager, I rave to my parents and friends about how well I did. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I have this. Happily, I write a “Thank You” note to top off the celebration.

But the offer never comes. I wait for a response, even considering giving an annoying call Business Insider doesn’t want you to do. Then finally, after a couple of weeks, I get a “Thank You” back message and my heart sinks.

I open the rejection email and feel confused.

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