Too often we see misconceptions about millennials. Everyone from employers to our parents to Girls, they seem to picture us as overly-politically correct, useless college degrees, and living in Brooklyn or the Mission. And while some of it may be true, millennials of color rarely have a voice in the discussion, despite making up close to half the generation.

This blog seeks to change the discussion around millennials. I want to insert my voice in this gentrifying, quasi-socially conscious perception around the generation.

Topics around millennials and people of color will vary greatly. Issues like employment are generally hard for all of us; but if you are a person of color and a millennial, it is even harder. And Trump definitely was not popular for us. We see him as illegitimate. However, that breaks down by race and age again. I want to give our perspective on social issues, as well as the actions we take to combat this. So instead of the misconception that we only Tweet about issues, I want to highlight the impact of #BlackLivesMatter and the concept of “Make America Mexico Again.”

We also have entirely different informational platforms that rival the advent of television or print media. Black Twitter thrives and creates culture for the world; Latinx blogs and outlets have entirely different worldviews than border walls – let alone borders; and Asian reporters are redefining coverage of Hollywood and its diversity. My goal is to help document this shift that we are creating.

Obviously, I can only speak from my perspective as a Chicanx straight male from California, giving me biases and privileges I want to discuss. Like why is it that my family gives me priority, but my inability to speak fluent Spanish is the sole indicator of my worth at a job? These are things I understand and I want to share.

In addition to identifying issues and divides, I also hope to give some answers and clarity for us and for elderly and whiter brothers and sisters alike. I think – while this blog will aim to engage – my ultimate goal is to help us describe the future of this country: being younger and browner, as well as broker for the time being.


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